How to Improve Memory at Work

Wondering how to improve memory at work when you’re faced with a whole host of tasks to do and you’re stressed beyond reason? A recent study conducted by University of Washington researchers found that meditation training helped employees with their concentration and memory.

How to Improve Memory at Work

how to improve memory at work: daily meditation helps to improve concentration and memory when multi-tasking overwhelms and stresses you out

In the study, three groups each of 12 to 15 human resource managers were given 8-week training courses in 1) mindfulness meditation, 2) body relaxation, or 3) the mindfulness mediation after being on a wait list for eight weeks (the waitlist control group).

Participants were then tested for their speed, accuracy, and multi-tasking while doing common office tasks like word processing and using email, calendars, and instant messaging. The subjects also recorded their stress levels and memory performance.

The meditation group outperformed the others when it came to reduced stress, greater focus, and improved memory. The waitlist control group didn’t have reduced stress until after they did the meditation training eight weeks later. The relaxation group, oddly enough, wasn’t any less relaxed at work.

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So along with meditation’s other benefits, it appears that it is has a positive impact on memory. When your colleagues want to know how to improve memory at work, suggest meditation. Even a short 2-minute meditation is bound to have some benefit. Then you can slowly increase it over time.

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