How to Improve Your Recall

In the last post, you took a memory test to be used as a baseline before you go ahead and learn some memory improvement tips. In this post, you’ll learn some great ideas on how to improve your recall from

How to Improve Your Recall

Use the link system to learn how to improve your recall.


This method is known as the Link method, and is the easiest of all the systems. Psychologists have discovered that we remember things by joining a certain part of them with other things. For example, if you’ve ever gone back to a place you haven’t been in awhile, you may have realized that seeing a picture on the wall or a certain piece of furniture made you ‘suddenly remember’ things that you had forgotten. Your mind was linking all the ideas and memories that had been linked with the object that you were looking at.

This principle applies, no matter how complicated the memory is. Even when remembering complicated mathematical formulas or very abstract ideas, there is a link in the background which triggers the memory you want. That’s what we want to focus on and use.

So lets apply this method to a grocery list. Lets say the wife asks you to buy the following items as you are rushing out of the door:

1. Bananas
2. Soap
3. Eggs
4. bread
5. spaghetti sauce
6. trash bags
7. dish soap
8. Toothpaste
9. garlic cloves
10. Tomatoes

When quickly given a list like this, most people are able to remember six or seven items. But the memory tips that you are about to learn will make it easy and fun to remember all of the above by linking each item together! Here’s how to do it:

Bananas and Soap are both items commonly used in jokes about people falling on their behinds! Immediately
imagine yourself therefore stepping on a banana peel with your right foot and a bar of soap with your left foot, causing you to fall down.

What happens when someone falls down?—He breaks things! So remember the next two items that you need by picturing eggs in one hand and a jar of spaghetti sauce in the other hand, both of which get broken during the fall.

Our first four items are now firmly linked together.

How to Improve Your Recall –  Memory Tip 4

Be Stupid!

Of all the memory tips we’ve talked about so far, this one is the most important! There is no point in being boring about the links you form. In fact, the more conservative and boring you are, the weaker your associations will be, and the worse your memory! Whenever you are trying to associate anything with anything else, think up the most outrageous combination you can, and your memory will last much longer. In day to day living you will find the same principle works. It is never the boring, mundane, ordinary events that catch one’s attention; it is the exciting, new and unusual events that do!

For more tips, go here.

So it appears that you really can learn how to improve your recall. Give these tips a try and let us know in the comment section how it’s going.

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