How to Memorize a Speech Quickly (Video)

Whether it ‘s a presentation to your colleagues or a prospective client, or whether it’s a speech for a charity event or a friend’s wedding, one of the most nerve-wracking concerns is how to memorize a speech quickly. In this video, business author, entrepreneur, and TV personality Mike Michalowicz shows us how to memorize the key points of a speech using your hand. Your hand? Yes, that’s right, using nothing but your hand (and not for writing down the speech) together with some repetition and rehearsal, you can have your speech committed to memory in five minutes.

How to Memorize a Speech Quickly (Video)

This is an easy technique to use if you want to know how to memorize a speech quickly. It does, however, require you to have done some good preparation ahead of time in terms of gathering and organizing your points. When giving any speech, you have to be very familiar with your topic in order to be able to flesh out the key points.

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