How to Memorize the US Presidents in Order

Whether you need the information to win a trivia contest or to pass an exam, you may be wondering how to memorize the US presidents in order. A common method for remembering them is with a story. A mother, who home schools her children, shares a wacky story below that adds a fun and entertaining twist to learning the order of the presidents.

How to Memorize the US Presidents in Order

A Story to Help You Memorize the U.S. Presidents

(It works best if you picture every scene in your mind like a picture!)

Once upon a time, an alien came to earth from another planet. This alien was short and green and his name was Waj (1. George Washington, 2. John Adams, 3. Thomas Jefferson). Waj quickly began acting like an earthling by eating his favorite candy—M&M’s (4. James Madison, 5. James Monroe) and by putting on a very human-like baseball hat with an enormous “A” on the front (6. John Quincy Adams). While walking around looking for earth people, Waj met MICHAEL JACKSON (7. Andrew Jackson) who pulled up in a big VAN (8. Martin VanBuren) with his HAIRY SON in the front seat (9. William Henry Harrison).

The van that they were driving was like a monster truck because it had really big TIRES (10. John Tyler), but one of the tires was POKED (11. James K. Polk) by a sharp object, so they hurried and called a TAILOR (12. Zachary Taylor) to sew it up and to FILL MORE (13. Millard Filmore) air into it. This tailor used a special thread that made the tire so tough that it could never be PIERCED again (14. Franklin Pierce).

Read the entire story here.

Do you have a story that you use for how to memorize the US presidents in order? Share this one with friends and then see who can come up with the wackiest story.

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