Improve Your Memory Using Facebook

Would you believe that you can improve your memory using Facebook? A graduate student at the University of Arizona has been studying ways in which using Facebook might benefit older adults. Elsewhere on this blog, you’ve read about the benefits of social interaction on memory. Interestingly, it appears that the social interaction doesn’t have to be just face to face.

Improve Your Memory Using Facebook

improve memory using Facebook

improve your memory using Facebook

The study found that the adults who had spent time on Facebook saw their working memories improve by 25 percent. For example, if they were given a random stream of information, they were better able to focus on the things that the researchers told them were important, like particular numbers or letters. The other two groups saw no such improvement.

Researchers believe that Facebook may help stave off cognitive decline because of a few reasons. Social engagement may help prevent cognitive decline. In addition, Facebook is relatively complex, and keeping track of everyone’s statuses, photos and life changes may prove to be a mental workout.

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The next time your boss complains about your use of Facebook at work, tell him that you’re working on strengthening your memory. If he doesn’t believe you, show him this article. Apparently, you really can improve your memory using Facebook.

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