Making Learning Memorable

Making learning memorable has always been and continues to be a long running challenge in training situations. Training sessions that teach folks about policies, procedures, and regulations are usually dull and boring. Consider these 7 keys to memory from Karen Boyes at Spectrum Education.

Although this article is directed toward teachers, it is equally as applicable to memory and learning in the workplace. When you read this article, in your mind, replace student with trainee/employee and teacher with facilitator/instructor.

Making Learning Memorable — Recency

Making learning memorable involves techniques such as chunking, recency, association, and more.

**2. Recency or lasts.**
Which part of a movie is most remembered? Usually the ending. What about a novel? Again it is most often the end that the reader remembers. The same is true of your lessons… by placing important or key information at the end of a lesson or day your students are more likely to remember it.
Keep your lessons short as this allows for more firsts and lasts. I work on 20 minute intervals in my teaching, providing a break or discussion time for five minutes before I continue with more content…

Making Learning Memorable — Stands Out

Anything that is funny, different or has a novelty value will stand out in a student’s mind. Any one offs will be memorable. Often the sillier the more memorable it will be. I have strong memories of a teacher who stood on his chair while teaching us about height and sat under his desk when teaching about earthquakes. It was very memorable. What do you remember teachers doing to make information stand out? How could you make your information stand out in your student’s memory?

You can read about the other keys here.

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