Memory Game for Girls

You may want to share this memory game for girls with your daughters, nieces, or friends. It’s another one of those matching games with a time limit. You advance to the next level if you complete the matches within the allotted time, but if you’re not fast enough, it does let you play again. What it doesn’t do, however, is let you know how many levels there are.

Memory Game for Girls

Use this link to access the game at

As I’ve remarked on other blog posts a number of times, I don’t really understand why so many of the online matching games have a time limit. I truly believe that it is more important for the player to gain the skill first before being stressed out by a time limit.

I also find the background music and sound of crashing waves very distracting — but that’s just my learning style. You may like it. If not, feel free to turn the sound down on your computer.

Let us know what you think of this memory game for girls.

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