Memory Game for Spaceship Fans

Here at, we enjoy bringing you memory activities with a variety of themes:  Barbra Streisand photos, country flags, bird melodies, celebrity caricatures, Boy Scout symbols, and more. This memory game for spaceship fans at is a game that has you matching up a variety of spaceship images.

Memory Game for Spaceship Fans

Try the memory game for spaceship fans and tell us how you did.

What I particularly like about this game is that in Zen mode, the player has no time limits. Importantly, it allows you to advance at your own pace. Why is that significant? When it comes to learning a skill it is important in the early stages to allow the learner enough time to learn the skill correctly. Applying a time limit too early in the learning process stresses the learner, and as a result, hampers the learning. If we send the learner out into the real world with a quickly-learned but incomplete ability, there will be more errors, more “re-do’s”, and more cost. Once we have allowed the learner enough time to master the skill, we can then add real world circumstances, pressures, and variations.

Some would disagree, saying “better some learning than none”.  I think that all depends on the seriousness of the consequences of carrying the skill out incorrectly in the real world.

Here’s the link to the game .

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