Memory Tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind?

Do you practice yoga? If not, it may be worth getting into — and not just for the physical benefits. Today’s memory tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind? is about the benefits of using it when you have a demanding mental load ahead of you.

Memory Tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind?

Memory Tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind?

Memory Tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind?

Here are the results of a study done at the University of Illinois.

The results revealed that immediately after doing yoga, the participants showed significant improvement on cognitive tests evaluating their reaction times, accuracy and memory. Surprisingly, there were no significant improvements from the aerobic exercise directly afterwards.

It’s possible that yoga’s emphasis on centering, awareness, and focus are behind that immediate brainpower boost. Whatever the reason, the takeaway is if you have a big test or other mentally-challenging task ahead of you, try doing some downward dogs and warrior poses (or your preferred yoga workout) beforehand.

If you’re interested in more about how the study was done, go here and here.

Wondering how to apply the memory Tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind? Instead of rushing off to that important presentation you’re scheduled to give or that problem-solving meeting that’s so vital for your organization, save a few minutes beforehand to

(1) center yourself (slow down, push everything else out of your mind, be in the moment )

(2) focus (take a few slow deep breaths)

(3) increase your awareness (reflect and be mindful of  the experience)

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