Never Forget Names Again

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a few reliable memory techniques to fall back on so that you never forget names again?

I found a lengthy article by Luciano Passuello that will give you lots of useful strategies. You may have read about some of these memory tips before, but it’s convenient to have them all together in one article for easy reference. Here’s a sample.

Never Forget Names Again

Never forget names again

never forget names again in business situations

3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

We usually forget a name during the first few minutes after hearing it for the first time. By using the person’s name in the next few minutes after you first hear it, you are taking a great step in committing it to your memory.

  • Use it immediately.
    “Nice to meet you, Mrs. Robinson”. This not only counts as a memory aid, but also gives the person a chance to correct you in case you got the name incorrectly.
  • Repeat silently.
    “Robinson, Robinson, Robinson”. Mental repetition is especially effective when you combine it with other senses – such as doing it while looking in her eyes or shaking hands.
  • Introduce the person to others.
    Every repetition counts, and taking the initiative to introduce people to each other will also help expand your social circle.
  • Repeat the name throughout the conversation.
    “So, Mrs. Robinson, what do you do for a living?”. Throwing the person’s name in the conversation once in a while really works wonders for your memory and keeps the conversation more engaging. Just be careful to sound natural and not overdo it.

Here is a suggestion that will help you in business situations so you never forget names again.

5. Review the Name Soon

Reviewing a person’s name and writing it down in the next day or so makes remembering names virtually infallible.

If you’re serious about making and keeping relationships, you probably already have a database with all your contacts. Adding the new contact to your personal contact database is a great opportunity to commit it to your memory. Don’t add only the contact’s name, but also other useful information such as place and date where you first met.

You will have the added benefit of being able to look up the names in your database when you know you’ll meet these people again.

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Practice makes permanent. So choose a memory technique and use it over and over again until you’ve mastered it. Then you’ll be able to say confidently “I will never forget names again.”

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