Principles for Easy Memorization (Video)

Remembering lists, product information, or policies & procedures will be so much easier for you when you apply 3 principles for easy memorization. Watch this  8-minute video as James Gladwell of provides a good explanation (with examples) of the concepts of association, location, and imagination.

Principles for Easy Memorization

I particularly like the way he combines the principles of linking and location along with imagination to create a very memorable picture in our minds.

Using a whole house or apartment to remember a list is a bit wasteful, though. James puts the chicken that is standing on a potato and juggling asparagus in one room and then suggests moving on to the next room or the top of the stairs to anchor the next item.

My preference is to use as many anchors in a room as possible before moving on to the next room. If, for example you’re using your living room as the location, why not anchor the juggling chicken on the chesterfield, the next item on the coffee table, and the next item on the TV screen? Keeping them within one room accomplishes two things. Firstly, it shortens the “journey”.  Secondly, it frees up the rest of the places in the house/apartment to be used as anchors for other memory tasks.

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