Quick Easy Memory Techniques

No tech gadgets needed to implement these quick easy memory techniques. Here are 4 tools for your toolbox that you can pull out anytime you need to remember someone’s name, the location for a meeting, or a to-do list.

Quick Easy Memory Techniques

Here are 4 quick easy memory techniques you can pull out of your mental toolbox whenever you need to remember something.

2.  Find a trigger. A common trick, this one involves attaching some meaning or gimmick to someone’s name. Example: Fred might be a speedy talker, so he becomes Fast Fred.

3.  Word association. Remember “Roy G. Biv”? You likely learned the colors of the color spectrum through this word-association tactic.

Next time you need to remember two unrelated things, create a mental association between the two. To remember that Fishmongers seafood restaurant is on King Street, for ex­­ample, you might imagine a fish wear­­ing a crown and a king’s robe.

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