Simple Tips to Improve Memory

We can all benefit from reminders of a few basics from time to time. Here are some simple tips to improve memory from Dr. Mijail D. Serruya at Jefferson University Hospital.

Simple tips to improve memory: face-to-face conversation is important for your brain

Simple Tips to Improve Memory

3. Keep a lively social calendar

We are social beings and we need social interaction. Facebook may connect you with old friends and stay in touch with far-flung family members, but face-to-face time is much more important for your brain. Make a point to go on a dinner date with your spouse or go to a comedy club with friends.

5. Some other things that can help

Take time to disengage from all the gadgets that surround you. Meditative practices such as mindfulness-based stress reduction have been shown to enhance mood, memory and attention. Try to listen more and focus on paying attention.

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I find it particularly interesting that in point #3 above, Dr. Serruya tells us that when it comes to maintaining our social connections, face-to-face time is much more important for our brains than the Facebook-type connections we make. So put down your devices from time to time and talk to people. It’ll do your brain good.

What do you think of these simple tips to improve memory?

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