Spinach and Memory

Spinach and memory have a relationship. Since, during the course of your work day you need to remember a variety of procedures, customer information, tasks, and more, and since you also have to eat, why not include brain-enhancing nutrients into your meals.

Spinach and Memory

Spinach and memory improvement go together. Try including spinach in stir-fries for lunch-time brain-boosting goodness.

Here’s a quick reference graphic that summarizes the benefits of spinach from Wellthy Choices Network.

Need a few ideas for gaining the benefits of spinach and memory improvement? Why not try adding a few pieces of spinach to your salad or on top of your sandwich in place of lettuce. If you’re not a fan of spinach, consider the many ways you can incorporate it into your meals without noticing the taste, such as in omelettes, soups, stir-fries, or lasagna. Make it for dinner and bring leftovers for your workday lunches (especially for those days when you feel you just can`t leave your desk at lunchtime).

Tell us about your ideas on how you add spinach to your diet.


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