Storytelling Helps Memory Retention

What do storytelling, memory, and business have in common? It’s no surprise that people love stories — movies, books, and TV shows. In addition to entertaining us, do stories have any other value? Yes, indeed. On this blog, though, we’re interested in the way in which storytelling helps memory retention. It’s just as useful in business where we want to create a long-lasting impression on a colleague, employee, or potential client.

Storytelling helps memory retention. Avoid the urge to create slide presentations full of boring details that are easy to forget.

Storytelling Helps Memory Retention

Here are 3 reasons to use storytelling at work from Inc. Magazine.

Stories are Memorable

…when facts and information are framed by a compelling story, you’ll not only hold the attention of your audience, but you’ll also make the information presented more memorable. Many entrepreneurs are so enthusiastic about what they’re building that they assume their audience is just as interested. They’ll start rattling off the facts without first making an effort to pull in their audience. No matter how compelling your facts are, if your audience isn’t invested in what you’re saying, all the information will be lost on them.

Stories Travel Further

Because stories are so memorable, they’re easy for listeners to recount in the future. So, if you arm your audience with a good story, they’ll be able to communicate the details of your business more clearly.

Stories Inspire Action

Focusing on specifications or detailed descriptions of what you do will be lost on most of your audiences, while a compelling and inspiring story about what you do, why you do it, and how it will make something better will help attract and motivate people.

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Storytelling helps memory retention. It creates images, pictures, and even a movie in your mind. Chances are you can remember a story you heard from a friend, the story or plot of a movie you liked, or the story of a client’s experience with either your or a competitor’s company. Stories are that much more memorable.

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