Exercises for Working Memory

Brain teasers never go out of style — and never get old. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend when hanging out with friends, try these exercises for working memory from Harriett Vines, Ph.D. retired college professor.

Exercises for Working Memory

try some exercises for working memory this weekend when hanging with friends

3. Find the sum of your date of birth, mm/dd/yyyy. Want more exer­cise? Do the same with friends’ and rel­a­tives’ date of birth.

4. Name two objects for every let­ter in your com­plete name. Work up to five objects, try­ing to use dif­fer­ent items each time.

5. Wher­ever you are, look around and within two min­utes, try to find 5 red things that will fit in your pocket, and 5 blue objects that are too big to fit.

For #1 and #2 on the list, go  here.

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