Memory Technique for Remembering Your Medication

It could create a life or death situation  — you forget to take your medication or you accidentally take it twice. Having a memory technique for remembering your medication will help prevent these serious situations from happening. In this article from Psychology Today, Dr. J.M. Fish describes a few strategies you might like to adopt.

One key piece of advice he offers is that you make a note of any errors you’ve made in taking your medication. Then he suggests reviewing the log with someone and then, together, working out a strategy or two that will minimize the chances of the error happening again in the future. Excellent advice!!

Memory Technique for Remembering Your Medication

Every person is different and every household is different, so the idea is to evolve a strategy that works for you, and then improve on it whenever necessary.

For example, people living alone don’t have to worry about children swallowing their pills or pets knocking them on the floor, but they also don’t have someone to remind them or to discuss their medication regimen with.

Here are a few strategies to start the ball rolling:

Associate pills with the time of day and place where you take them. Put morning pills on the breakfast table, and nighttime pills at your bedside.

Use pill organizers for medications taken at the same time.

memory technique for remembering your medication

memory technique for remembering your medication

Have a separate calendar for each pill (or group of pills) located right next to it; and write the time that you took it, instead of just checking it off.

You might need to wear a calendar watch or have some other easy way of verifying which date and day of the week it is before taking your pills. For some retired people there isn’t much difference between weekdays and weekends. Especially when a person is sleepy at bedtime or on waking up in the morning, it might be easy to swallow a pill first and then realize the mistake.

You can read the entire article here.

Having a memory technique for remembering your medication will become increasingly important as you age. Chances are more and more medications will be added to your regimen and keeping them all straight will become a major safety issue.

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