How to Remember Details Better

For people in a sales position, such as real estate agents, insurance brokers, and car salesmen, knowing how to remember details better is a key part of developing trusting relationships with prospects and existing clients. Remembering details about a customer’s preferences, family, hobbies, job, and so on can be a little easier if you use the method described on Upgrade Reality.

How to Remember Details Better

Let’s take an example of meeting someone for the first time over coffee. You do not know anything about each other but you want to get to know each other and have a fun conversation. I don’t know about you, but often I don’t even remember someone’s name the first time I hear it.

knowing how to remember details better can go a long way in developing trusting relationships

Here is how to make sure you remember alot about someone or something from the very moment they start to give you information:

Attach Imaginary Strings

    • As the other person is talking to you, you are going to attach imaginary strings with different objects for different pieces of information. Where you choose to attach the strings is up to you, but I like to keep them in sight, usually to the tops of people’s shoulders.

Attach Relevant Objects

    • To each string you will attach an imaginary object that relates to the information you want to remember about someone or something. Let’s say that the other person mentions that they like to travel – attach an imaginary aeroplane to a string from their shoulder. Let’s say that the other person tells you they have been playing guitar professionally for years – attach an imaginary guitar to another string from their shoulder.

A New String For Every Memory

  • As you learn more about the other person and have more things you want to remember about them, you keep adding strings to their shoulders with objects related to the information you want to remember.

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Now that you know a new technique for how to remember details better about clients and prospects, you just might be light years ahead of your competition. Give us your comments below.