How to Use Memory Props

Props are useful devices for helping jog your memory. You may be wondering what exactly they are and how to use memory props.

A memory prop could be a key hook that you have hanging on the inside wall by the back door of your house. Every time you come inside, you hang your keys on that hook, and as a result you always remember where you’ve put your keys.

How to Use Memory Props

Kathryn Kilpatrick, a consultant in communication, memory, and cognitive issues describes one of her memory props in her blog Memory Fitness Matters.

The system I use that seems to be working more often than not is using a pad of paper in one color for things I need to recall or do related to my speaking schedule. There is another one in a different color for my therapy “to do” list.

For this week…

…pick just one thing that is a repeated memory issue and create a solution. Perhaps it is locating your car keys or some other item you typically misplace. Pick a specific “home” for it and then make an effort to put it there all the time.

You are not going to always be successful, but stay with it. Once you learn to do this repeatedly it is likely that it will become more of a habit, and the pattern is likely to carryover to other items.

You can read the entire article here.

How to Use Memory Props

How to Use Memory Props

Here are another couple of examples. A small decorative plate on your night table could act as a memory prop for your glasses. You can also use props if you want to remember to do something, such as call your friend after you’ve finished the task you’re doing. Try turning an empty cup on its side and placing it next to you. When you’ve finished your task, the cup will remind you to call that person.

Now you have another helpful technique for remembering things.

What memory props do you use? We’d love to hear more ideas on how to use memory props.