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For those of you who enjoy playing memory games, I found a new site you may want to try out that will test your memory. The site is in beta and definitely has a number of grammar errors. The English translation needs work, but that won’t prevent you from playing the games. You can choose between memory games using words, numbers, or colors. Tasks include sequencing and matching. As with other memory games, correct answers earn you the right to advance to the next higher level. (Errors stop you in your tracks unless you register on the site.)

Test your memory -- follow the link to a variety of memory testing games.

Test your memory — follow the link to a variety of memory testing games.

Follow this link to access these memory games www.iBraining.com

The more online memory games I come across, though, the more I realize that they aren’t particularly helpful when it comes to improving memory overall — for many reasons. Most of these online memory games impose time limits on the player, and as a result, the player usually doesn’t have sufficient time to implement helpful memory strategies such as linking, method of loci, story-creation, and so on. As well, flashing numbers and colored circles don’t contain the characteristics that the brain needs for an event to be memorable. Go here to read more of my comments about memory games and what makes things memorable.

Have you tried some of the memory games I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog? How did you do? How did you feel about the methods used to test your memory? Did your memory improve in general or did you just get better at playing the games?

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