Trick to Remembering Anything

Have you ever attended a great training course? If you have, chances are it included quite a bit of interactive discussion and hands-on practice,  organized within a well-structured program and facilitated by a knowledgeable instructor.

Chances are good, as well, that the designer of that program knew that the trick to remembering anything is to include more than one learning method in the course. You don’t have to be an instructional designer to incorporate a few key strategies into those situations when you are trying to remember information, procedures, or skills.

Trick to Remembering Anything

The trick to remembering anything is to use more than 1 strategy to input and reinforce the learning.

Researchers are studying brain plasticity in order to gain insight into memory.

One important point that the researchers found is that skills-based learning creates strong memories because of the multiple areas of stimulation in the brain. What that means for memory improvement is that the more ways you have to remember something, the easier it will be to fix that information in your long-term memory. That’s why it’s a good idea to write things down and say them out loud, to draw pictures and create strong visual images connected to information, and even to use your body to act out concepts that you need to remember. The more ways you think about something, the stronger the memory.

You can read the entire article here.

So whether you’re designing training courses or just want to remember something, use this trick to remembering anything in order to solidify the content in your mind.

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