Use It or Lose It Memory Strategy

Having a good memory can’t be a thing of the past – regardless of how many smartphones, iPads, etc. you have and use. You’re going to have to subscribe to the use it or lose memory strategy. Why? Because “Your entire sense of identity, and to some extent your personality, is bound up with, if not entirely based on, your experiences. Your memories are what make you you,” says Charles Garavan, founder of the Dublin-based Memory Academy on Fiverr -- Joshua Martian

Think about it. Your memories shape the things you do, the way you greet people, the tasks you know how to do, and so on. In business, can you afford to pull out your smartphone and say, “Just a minute; let me find out who you are?”

Memory isn’t one single process. There are different types of memory, and therefore, there only are certain things you can realistically enter into a smart phone. Remembering how to tie your shoe laces (a process) is not the same as remembering someone’s face (an image), nor the same as trying to remember their name (a collection of sounds).

Use It or Lose It Memory Strategy

So here are some tips for boosting your memory from Charles Garavan.

3.  Set A Target

“I would suggest you start by setting a specific and measurable goal rather than a general one,” says Charles Garavan. “Instead of wanting your memory to get indefinably better, decide that you want to know the names of all the people in your office by January 31, or to learn 1,000 new words of foreign language vocabulary by then.”

5.  Pay Attention

We’ve all misplaced something then blamed our memory when we couldn’t find it. In fact, this has little to do with memory — it’s a question of engaging fully with the world around you. “Losing keys, glasses, etc, are much more likely to be failures of attention than memory,” says Garavan. “You simply didn’t notice where you put them in the first place, so you couldn’t possibly remember.”

You can read all 10 memory tips here.

If you’re in the habit of saying “I’m terrible at remembering names” you’ve given yourself permission to avoid even trying. If you don’t make an effort to use your brain to remember certain types of info, you get worse at remembering that particular type of information.

Memory is a skill that can be learned using strategies that require practice and discipline. Search this site for techniques or go to Amazon and purchase Improving Memory in either the Kindle or paperback version. It gives you a compilation of the best tips from this memory site and will help you put the use it or lose it memory strategy into practice.

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