Quarterback Uses Memory Techniques

former quarterback uses memory techniques

former quarterback uses memory techniques

Mark Rypien, a former quarterback uses memory techniques to help him deal with his memory loss.

Rypien, who played football for the Washington Redskins, wants to make the sport safer for the players. Football players along with other athletes who play sports that involve crashing bodies together often suffer from concussions. These concussions in turn cause memory loss.

Quarterback Uses Memory Techniques

During his career Rypien knew about massive concussions, but not about the many small ones that he just shook off. They had a cumulative effect and now he frequently finds himself having to write things down or record conversations.

That lack of awareness of the risks he faced simply by shaking his head clear after “getting his bell rung” and the long-term effects Rypien has experienced are the reasons he agreed to become the lead plaintiff in a 126-player class-action lawsuitagainst the NFL.

In the suit, filed March 23, Rypien and fellow players contend that the NFL failed to educate them for decades on the risks associated with suffering repetitive tramatic brain injuries and concussions, and instead ignored and concealed the information. Fourteen other former Redskins are part of the lawsuit.

“Our thing is that we make the game safer. Not change the game, but players are faster and stronger, and if we can do certain things to protect [against] head trauma, why not implement those and put them in place?” Rypien said. “And for those that have received that, in this litigation, why not look into making their quality of life better?”

You can read the entire Washington Post article here.

There’s no doubt that more attention should be paid to the health of sports players. Memory loss is a very serious long term and in many cases, unforeseen, side effect of being injured.

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