Will Eating Soy Help My Memory Develop?

The wonders of soy are many, but the question we’re concerned with here on Improving Your Memory Techniques is “Will eating soy help my memory develop?” Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be the case if you’re a post-menopausal woman.

Will Eating Soy Help My Memory Develop?

Will eating soy help my memory develop? Unfortunatey, it does not appear to have any significant effect.

“There are no substantial cognitive effects, positive or negative, from soy protein consumption in women past menopause,” said researcher Dr. Victor Henderson, professor of health research and policy and neurology and neurological sciences at Stanford University.

Research has produced mixed results about whether soy helps protect so-called “cognitive” health, such as memory and other thinking skills. Some research has even found that soy has a negative effect on thinking skills.

At the study start and then 2.5 years later, the researchers gave the women a battery of tests to evaluate thinking skills. Among the skills tested were verbal memory, visual memory (such as remembering faces), putting letters and numbers in sequence, and other tests. The researchers analyzed results on 313 of the women after some dropped out.

The investigators found no differences in overall mental abilities in the two groups. When they did a secondary analysis, they did find women on soy had a greater improvement in visual memory.

“I think the study is large enough that if there were meaningful overall cognitive effects to be found, we would have found them,” Henderson said.

The rest of the article can be read here.

Will eating soy help my memory develop?” For those of you whose diets include plenty of soy, the news is disappointing. But if you have a look at some of the other posts in this blog, you’ll find information about foods that do help your memory.

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